I get busy mixing one of the new songs 🙂

ANOTHER 6am start…on an opening shift at the shop.

The morning goes good and I’m home soon after 2pm. I heat up some leftover jambalaya for lunch and sit in front of there telly watching a some production tips videos on Youtube. I eat, watch, have a coffee then the next thing I know it’s nearly 4pm. I fell asleep!

I make another coffee and hit the studio where I re-string the wee Collings guitar ready to record where I left off yesterday. Giving the strings some time to settle, I start checking out the other new song I recorded yesterday.

One thing leads to another and get engrossed in mixing. It’s dark and getting alit when I go back to the house – I’m quite pleased with the progress tho’ 🙂

Later on we wander along to see Betty and Joe and enjoy a couple fo glasses of red and a catch up.