I get to work on another song in the studio…

I HAVE my usual Saturday morning rush to spread the food photos from last night around the Oak Tree Inn’s social media.

After breakfast I send off my latest recording – Stick to your Guns – off for online mastering then set about creating some artwork. It’ll be a digital only release (for the time being).

The song is influenced by Smokehead whisky although it doesn’t mention the brand – or whisky – and I want to try and subtly reflect Smokehead in the artwork. As usual, I get engrossed in the creative process and end up spending quite a lot of time on it.

Once done I send it off to Smokehead to make sure I’m not infringing their copyright – what I’ve done is pretty far removed from their logo but I send it anyway out of common courtesy. I send them a mix of the song too.

Next stop is the studio where I record another song I’ve been working on until it’s time to go to Barbara and Thorsten’s for dinner.

Betty and Joe pick us up and we have a grand night catching up with everyone 🙂