I SLEEP in a bit. Luckily there’s some egg bites I made yesterday, so I claw back some time by stickling them in the microwave.

Top of today’s to-do list is clearing the desk in the office and stating to organise the pile of discarded receipts to go through my spreadsheets. End of my financial year is looming and I’m one of those OCD folks that like to get my tax return completed and filed within a day or two of April 6.

Once done I spend some time on a leaflet for a local B&B and e mail off a proof.

It’s been a while since I played a show or lifted the banjo so I run through my banjo repertoire to make sure I can still remember the lyrics!

Helping in the shop and looking after social media for the Oak Tree Inn – not to mention the crap weather – hghas resulted in a. lack of exercise and fresh air over the last couple of weeks. There’s a break in the rain and I decide to go out for a walk and get some steps in.

I have a social video to put together for the Oak Tree Inn’s April promotion. There’s no content other than a short clip I filmed when talking photos to promote same…emails to some of the companies involved in the promotion have had no response, although the co-organiser has sent me some photos. Looks like I’m gonna have to get creative!