Tofu mee goreng – made on a single burner camp stove – our electric hob is still goosed.

UP at 6am and a quick coffee and slice of toast before I go to open the village shop. Early shift!

Catriona and Aaron have dropped in when I get home early afternoon. I have some lunch, a coffee, then get on with editing a promo video for the Oak Tree Inn social media.

I get the video posted and create a Facebook ad then need to have a nap!

I’m open dinner duties tonight – a new recipe and, as the hob’s still fucked, just a single burner camp stove to try and cook it open. The lack of facilities definitely focusses me on the job in hand and the resulting tofu mee goreng is good. My only reservation is that I couldn’t get the wok hot enough to do the tofu the way I like.