I START the morning off by posting food photos I took last night round the Oak Tree Inn’s social media while Margaret prepares breakfast.

I made a batch of breakfast patties with pork and turkey mince, rubbed sage and a few other herbs and flavourings. It’s my attempt at a home-made, healthier version of McDonalds’ sausage , egg and cheese bagel.

We haven’t made them for ages – partly due to the demise of our toast’n’egg toaster which churned out failsafe poached eggs just like this in McDonalds’ breakfasts. Margaret found a thing to make poached eggs in the microwave – not one of these cheapo silicone efforts that don’t work very well…this is a heavyweight bit of kit that works a treat.

There’s some leaflets I put together for a local B&B needing delivered so I do that and pop into the village shop to see if I have any shifts over the next week or two. It’s not been done yet, so I assume I’ll be doing my normal open or two shifts helping out over the next fortnight. Problem for me is that I handed my availability calendar in mid-week…four days later – and by the day before the shifts start – my dairy and availability has changed considerably!

I spend the afternoon helping out at Betty and Joe’s – we need to get some kind of shelter up to store some furniture while they have their living room re-modelled.

Back home I get a little work done then Margaret cooks up some chicken and rice.