NO time for a lie in today…lots to do.

First job is to drill a hole in the fretboard of the cranky old banjo Anna gave me – I managed to find a replacement bone fifth string nut but the hole for whatever was on the banjo before needs re-drilled.

I manage the job quite easily and am quite proud of myself for not botching it! The fretboard needs a good clean and some TLC so I order what I need from Amazon. The thing might actually be playable by this time next week!

In the studio I work on a mix of a cover I’m planning to release hot on the heels of Stick to Your Guns (17 April). I take some time of form that to try out some ideas for another song – not for myself this time… local pal sent me a poem and I offered too try and turn it into a song.

Back in the house Margaret’s not terribly impressed with my efforts…so it may be back to the drawing board!

I go back tot he studio, finish the mix I started earlier then plug in an electric guitar and make a racket for a while.

We’re going along to Betty and Joe’s for something to eat later, so I finish of some other bits of work and then we wander up the loch side..