Two upcoming releases…gonna take more than this to get us through the next few months tho!….

TRYING to keep ‘the virus’ out my mind I finish off downloading a bunch of samples and sounds for the studio…I started the download last night but it seems to have crashed out 🙁

Meantime, the post brings some 0000 steel wool I had to order online…it’s very soft and difficult to find in the shops. I need it to clean the fretboard on the old zither banjo Anna gave me a while back. I do some work on it and get another step closed to getting the thing working.

We do have to make a plan to reschedule all forthcoming shows – UK, Finland, Estonia and most likely the USA too. Not quite sure where to start.

With the prospect of no shows in the foreseeable – and the financial problems that will ensue – I think it’s prudent to get some new music out there. Stick to Your Guns drops on 17 April…I upload my newly mastered version of Nine Pound Hammer and set for a May release. That means I need to create artwork. See above!