IT’S really only just started to sink in that – along with the majority of other folks and businesses – we’re likely to be in financial dire straits sooner rather than later.

The last four moi nth have seen us concentrate on booking shows and tours from the end of April onwards. With these all likely to fall through we not have no income for the foreseeable…but no way of making up for the last four months of non-paying work.

Luckily I’ve had some shift in the village shop and have been helping the Oak Tree Inn with their social media, but these are grinding to a halt too…as these other businesses are in there same position as us.

All this concentrates my mind on ways to try and bring in some cash. Four or five years ago I set up a website, Facebook page etc to try and promote online guitar lessons and masterclasses. I had a fair take up but it started to fall away a bit as we were spending so much time on the road and promoting it fell down the priority list.

I blow the mothballs of the website and Facebook page and start spreading the word. The website is horribly out of date tho’…and the Facebook page needs some new content.

In the studio I film a quick video message/promo then edit and post it around. Probably farting against thunder but it’s worth a try.

I have a few other things in mind, but need to investigate and then get creative as I don’t want to just do the same stuff as everyone else or appear to be asking for help/support from folks who are in the same boat!

The weather appears to have lifted a little and I head out for a walk. It’s short-lived tho’, as the sleet comes down hard after about ten minutes making me turn round and head for home.

Margaret brings home some bits and bobs of shopping she’s managed to pick up we put the messages away then I start on tonight’s tofu mee goreng.

After we eat I start revamping the online guitar lessons website…nothing fancy, but it’s more up to date and relevant. Then bed.