THERE’S a few community initiatives being put in place that we’re keen to spread the word about locally.

I do a livestream to some fo the community groups then get busy with some other things that might help – setting up Skype video chat groups etc.

We also need to work out what we’re doping about upcoming shows and tours…and maybe look at ways we can generate some cash ion the longer term. Everyone’s int he same boat tho’.

There’s no livestream form the Oak Tree Inn, but the village shop is launching an online ordering service, so we do a livestream about that.

In the studio, I’m trying to work out how to integrate a MIDI keyboard controller into a legacy setup. The ‘big’ Mac in the studio is more than ten years old now and can’t run newer software or an updated operating system. it works fine with the recording hardware and ancient software tho’. My newer laptop only has USB-C ports and there’s no adaptors or way of connecting it to a legacy firewire audio interface…I can’t afford a new interface – and don’t really need one, so I set about dreaming up some workarounds. Might take some time!

We have dinner and watch some telly before an early night.