AFTER breakfast we’re amazed by the amount of traffic streaming through the village.

Understand people trying to get out into the fresh air, but coming out the city in droves and congregating in other communities is madness. Not only are these folks stripping the local community of resources, but also heightening the risk of spreading the virus into other areas.

There’s some information/resources that we want to make the community aware of – I prepare an eNewsletter to go out to the community trust members, add the info to the trust website and prepare some print flyers for distribution across the area.

I make some blue corn tortilla dough then rub a bit of pork for tomorrow then hit he studio to try and solve some of my issues integrating legacy audio hardware, computers and software.

Eventually I find a configuration that works to a certain degree. Not perfect, but better than nothing.

There’s a guitar project that I’ve been asked to contribute to so I spend some time working on that then gig back to the house and make the tortillas for our chilli tacos…