An impromptu – and pretty rough – version of Stand by Me for 12 Guitars…

IT’S Catriona’s 40th birthday today…all celebrations plans were cancelled mid-week but I’m up early to get a pork butt on the smoker anyway…it’ll do tonight’s dinner and hopefully some more standby meals during the week.

A message came through on Friday from a charity called 12 Guitars that promotes music lessons and instruments for children. They’re putting together a mashup/montage video of Stand By Me to raise some cash for charity and wondered if I’d record some/all of it.

Of course I know and like the song…but have never attempted to play or sing it. Regardless, I record an attempt and send it off.

We’ve arranged a rendezvous observing social distancing guidelines and ‘meet’ Will in Buchlyvie so he can collect Catriona’s birthday present, cake etc…and he’s brought Mothers’ Day flowers for Margaret.

Back home I keep an eye on the smoker then spend some time in the studio.

There’s also some stuff to be put in place for upcoming Facebook live ideas and also two forthcoming single releases – one in April and one in May.

I make some red cabbage slaw and stick some fries in the air fryer then we eat out dinner in front of the telly…I AirPlay our pal Bill’s Facebook livestream to the TV…