This artwork will be hitting social media channels soon!

The weather’s pretty grey and damp and don’t really want to go out for a walk.

Instead I pull out my suspension straps and look for a suitable place outside to rig ’em up. I’d originally thought about anchoring them on the smoker shelter, but it’s not really robust enough for that kind of carry on. There’s a sturdy tree in the garden so I nick some webbing straps off the bike rack and attach them to the tree. Add in a couple of carabiners and my outdoor ‘gym’ is ready.

There’s social media graphics to be done for the upcoming release of Stick to Your Guns. Once done I send them off to our pals at Smokehead for approval.

Next on the single release to-do list is to create some promotional downloads of the track and artwork, prepare a news release and think about how best to spread the word. I realise I need to get a promo video put together too…I set up the studio for a green screen shoot tomorrow and charge all the light batteries etc.

I realise that if I’m to make a video for the song I really need to lean the words! That’s the next job.

Back in the house I rustle up a mushroom risotto then flop in front of the telly for a wee while before bed.