We do a test livestream to trail Monday’s full-length concert stream…

MAIN job today is to start the online promo for the release of Stick to Your Guns on 17 April.

I prepare graphics for Facebook, Instagram and their related ‘stories’ as well as Twitter.

We’ve ordered some groceries from the village shop which I pick up..then I take a short walk and drop off some scones to Betty and Joe– mindfulness of hand washing and social distancing.

When I get back some promo stuff arrives from Smokehead – that means I can safely schedule the full concert Facebook livestream for Monday evening – 8pm UK time. Info here.

I decide to check all the gear we’ll need for the stream and, subsequently, prepare to do a test trailing Monday’s full-length stream.

As usual there’s more than a few technical hitches and then it’s almost time to open the door and clap in praise of the NHS staff who are putting everything on the line to keep folks safe and minimise cornonavirus casualties.

When we finally do the stream it works well, but the video quality isn’t all it should be. I’ll look into improving that over the next few days. Meantime, I set up some photos to use to promote Monday’s online event and start getting it listed online.