Another livestream! Not just punting Monday’s upcoming full-length livestream, but fulfilling my promise to Anna that I’d play. tune on her banjo once I’d fixed it up 🙂

DESPITE so much grinding to a halt, I still have a growing to-do list everyday. At last I have time to tackle the tasks!

I have a CD to make up for someone who’s requested a few songs in physical format. After locating the sound files I hit the studio and burn a CVD then print a cover and pack it up to go. there’s some other merch orders in that need packed up too.

There’s graphics too be made up promoting Monday’s upcoming full-length livestream house concert…then I need to start sharing and inviting folks. It’s a kinda never-ending task…

I venture outside to post off the postage means I can print my own postage labels…the hardest part is cramming the packages in the post box. Then I go for a walk.

Back home we try out some video chat with local pals…Skype was proving too technically challenging for some, so I set ups Facebook messenger group and start a video chat. Works a treat!

In between times we’ve been looking at Zoom which is promising, but isn’t as straightforward as Zoom.

I decide to do another Facebook livestream…not just to promote Monday’s livestream , but also to fulfil a promise to Anna that I’d play a tune on the old banjo she gave me once it was fixed up. I play some other stuff in the livestream too…the banjo performs well, but there’s still a bit of work in setting the action and the intonation.

I enjoy a beer while making a big pot of jambalaya. We eat, open a bottle of red and watch a movie…