A still from Margaret’s first drone flight…

MAIN job of today is to put together my monthly eNewsletter…normally it goes out on the first of the month, but I’m keen to get it out early and let folks know about Monday’s livestream.

After designing and writing the eNewsletter I set it to be sent out automatically at 9.30am tomorrow (Sunday) morning. Read it here.

While I was generally happy with the test run of the livestream setup I wanna use on Monday, the video quality wasn’t up to scratch so I set things up, do a bit off research, fiddle around and try and optimise various settings. Looks like I’ve cracked it, but you never know!

There’s some other livestream-related prep top be done. I want to have a ticker-style message scrolling across the bottom of the screen so I don’t have to keep mentioning stuff during the ‘concert’.

The weather’s quite nice late afternoon so I go out a walk, stickling close by the house but enjoying tranquility and peace afforded by a wander through the forest. I ponder the possibilities for a video for the follow-up single to Stick to Your Guns and make a mental note of a few spots. Might be good for photos too!

It’s still quite nice when I get home, and with the video ideas running. round in my head I give Margaret a quick hands-on flying lesson with the drone so she’s prepared when it comes to shooting the video. She does well 🙂

I crack open a beer and have a ½-hour video chat with some of our local pals then I get on with making the dinner. Black pepper tofu.