Monday at

PLANS for today are centred round promoting tomorrow’s (Monday) livestream concert.

One of the main tasks is setting up a landing page on my website with links and a countdown timer. When that;s all done and in place I spread the link to my eNewsletter, bolting on promo for the livestream.

It’s my cousin Ginny’s 65th birthday today…she’s in New York and there’s a secret ‘party’ arranged on Zoom. I thought it’d be nice to write her a wee song so spend a while working on a version of John The Revelator.…re-named Gin the Motivator.

There’s time to go for a walk before my virtual beer with Martyn and Kenny, also via Zoom.

Later on we watch your pal Billy’s livestream show from Florida then join the New York Zoom party…. 🙂