Full ‘house concert’ streamed on Facebook…

TODAY’S the day of the full ‘house concert’ livestream.

Lots of last minute promo to be done..a set list to be made up and then all the technical stuff sorted out. It’s kinda weird, but the whole thing is a lot more complicated than a ‘real’ live show and I’m quite stressed about it.

We start setting things up just after 5pm…three hours before go live. coulda just set up my phone, sat my arse on the couch and played, but I’m keen to differentiate this from the informal day-to-day livestreams and make it look a bit more interesting for folks.

Although I know from setting up livestreams in the past, preparation and allowing lots of time is key – for things almost always behave unpredictably. The prep pays off and I go live bang on time.

I’m pleased with the way it all goes and there’s plenty people watching and interacting. The PayPal tips/donations link works and we’re generally overwhelmed by the support and kindness shown by so many folks.

Once I’m done I get the rest of the dinner on….and while it’s cooking we tidy up 🙂

Behind the scenes as we prepare for the livestream