AFTER last night’s livestream efforts we have a long lie.

We’re quite overwhelmed by the support and generosity shown…and I want to acknowledge each and every donation with a personal message.

There’s also been some very welcome online merch orders which I pack up, print online postage and cram in the local post box.

While I’m out, I go a for a walk and recce some places to shoot a video to accompany the second of the two new singles scheduled for mid-May.

It’s a lovely evening and I’m enjoying the fresh air when I remember I’m doing a live interview via Zoom with a podcaster in Chicago – midday his time…6pm here. Thing is it’s 5.50pm and I’m at least 15 minutes walk away form home!

I up my pace and get in just in time to join Phil online where we chat for an hour.

Once done I make up some red cabbage slaw to go with some leftover pulled pork, open a beer and relax.