HERE we are in April already…but no-one would have predicted the current crises and lockdown. Though, tough times.

I spend most of the morning dealing with routine stuff (yup, I still have a routine!) and then make up a priority to-do list. We discuss the late-May/June Finland and Estonia tour and decide to check in with all involved with a view to re-scheduling ’til November.

All the stuff we used for Monday’s livestream is lying about in the studio. Once tidied up I start recording the song I put together for Ginny’s birthday…my performance in the Zoom meeting/party on Sunday night was a bit shabby!

I take a break and go for a walk and post some letters.

When I get back, our neighbour, who has been clearing some trees and bushes, has left a message to say if we want any of the wood just to take it.I get the wheelbarrow and spend the next wee while shifting some of the wood 🙂

Back in the studio I mess a bit with my recording from earlier. It could do with some work, but it’s really just a bit of fun. I’ll revisit tomorrow.

There’s a punnet ion mushrooms in the fridge that need used so I make some mushroom risotto then we chill for a while.