WE sleep in (again!)…not sure why, but we seem to be doing a lot of that the last few days.

I have some prereleases work to be done on the ingle I have scheduled for mid-May then I go into the studio and finish. mixing the ‘just for fun’ song for my cousin Ginny.

We’ve not been much more than 500 metres form the house for a couple of weeks now and although we’re able to get most of what we need courtesy of the village shop’s online ordering and deliveries, there’s a a few bits and bobs we need to venture further for.

There’s a fair queue and a half-hour wait outside Costco but it’s worth it to pick up the festival bits and bobs of household stuff we need. Hopefully we won’t need to go back in the foreseeable.

The trip is planned with military precision…and a plan where only one of us, wearing latex gloves, touches anything. It works in practice and we’re careful with anything we bring into the house when we get back. Some of the stuff can stay in the car for a few days – which will hopefully be long enough for any bugs to have died off.

I have an old radio system for the guitar which I only used for a while before. a few shortfalls relegated back into its box. It’s a good system for some things though….and an email from the manufacturer is urging a firmware update as some units (four in four years!) have overheated. This is the third email reminder I’ve had – unusual for me not to do stuff immediately, but ti was kinda low priority. I get it done now and start thinking of ways I can use it to make life easier in the studio…

We listen through the mix for Ginny’s song, agree it’s OK and I send it to her.

A quick and easy dinner tonight then we watch some telly and have an early night. Hopefully we won’t sleep in in the morning!