DESPITE needing to get with my accounts and an ever-growing to-do list – PR/promo for the upcoming Stick to Your Guns single, video variations to be edited up, another video to be started form scratch for May’s single… – my obsession with improving the quality of my livestreams gets the better of me.

We use a Black Magic box to interface the ‘big’ camera (and a proper mic, too) to the the computer. The camera is way outdated by today’s standards…and I’d love to find a way to use the Osmo Pocket as a webcam. or maybe something else.

All the decent webcams are out of stick everywhere…seems to have been a bit of a rush on them as folks work from home and are using video chat. We have no spare cash…or any cash, really…so buying gear is off limits.

With that in mind I investigate all possible ways of maximising use of what we have and investigate some other free software streaming options as well as some ways of adding virtual ‘tip jars’ to streams. not sure if I like that idea or not tho’…might be best to stick with the method.

In between my messing about with cameras, cables and online research I give a lump of silverside a rub with Worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper, smoked paprika, garlic powder and onion powder then stick it not he smoker. Takes a lot longer than a roast int he oven, but last time I did it in the smoker we were knocked out by how good it was.

Before I know it the day is done and we’re having virtual pre-dinner drinks via Messenger video with some local pals….then dinner. The beef is amazing…we’re lucky not only to have had the meat kickin’ around but also some outside space here.