I film and edit a quick introduction to bottleneck/slide guitar for Glasgow kids’ music charity 12 Guitars…

AFTER breakfast – DIY McD’s-style sausage, egg and cheese bagels..patties are excellent tho’ I say it myself – do some kore research into streaming tools etc.

I revise some software I used a few times a year or so ago and do a couple livestreams…one to my Facebook page and the other my personal profile. It works well, but I realise why I stopped using it – you can’t see the comments, likes etc on the stream, so can’t interact with folks and respond to questions/comments which is the whole point in streaming!

Another new addition to my to do list takes priority over doing my accounts.The accounts should, of course, be top priority but I’m looking for any excuse to do something else.

Accounts duly bumped down the list, I hit the studio to film a wee introduction to slide guitar video for a Glasgow based charity that encourages/enables kids to get into playing guitar.

It doesn’t take long and while editing the footage it suddenly dawns on me that if the footage is 4K I can safely create alternative shots form the raw footage without (if I’m careful) degrading the quality of the final production provided it’s a 1080p or less resolution. That saves a lot of time in both filming alternative shots and, particularly in the edit. See the end result above…or on my Youtube channel here.

Suddenly the day’s done and it’s time for dinner! We eat and watch a film about Lemmy on Netflix.