These guys don’t seem too worried about social distancing!

FIRST job after breakfast is to tackle the overgrown tree in the garden.

We tried a few weeks ago but only managed to get one section trimmed as our ladders were way too short. I ordered some more ladders online which duly arrived but somehow we forgot about the tree. Today’s the day.

It looked like it was gonna be a nightmare, but we have the four or five offending sections sawn off and grounded safely in less than an hour.

Before I start publicising the 27 April livestream concert widely I wanna see if there’s a way I can add some links/buttons that will allow folks to add the event to their diaries. After a while I find a way offing just that, albeit it needs a different approach for Google Calendar users – Outlook and Apple Calendar users seem to be able to click the same thing.

I set it all up and give it a try. Seems to work!

I’ve made some cornbread to go with tonight’s smoked beef…after making sure everything is spotlessly clean – including ourselves – we slice some beef and pack it along with some BBQ sauce and half the cornbread and drop it outside Betty and Joe’s back door. We have a brief chat keeping three or four metres apart then go a walk.

On the way back to the house we come across a couple of toads mating…I can’t resist a photo and video with my phone.

Back home, another neighbour has been gutting down some trees and bushes and has a bonfire. Not all the wood’s been burnt, though, so Margaret calls to see if we can help ourselves. We can. I grab a few barrowloads and dump it by our woodshed.

We have a family group video chat then I make some roast veg to go with the beef and cornbread…