LOCKDOWN or not, the morning routine is much the same – check emails, social media sweet, empty bins/recycling, feed the birds, clean out the woodburner…then breakfast.

Mid-morning I have a video call with a neighbours daughter…she stays in Glasgow but is wanting some social media hints and some guidance building a website for her mum who’s recently moved to the village and is renovating a B&B. We chat for a good half hour and schedule another call for Friday. Quite happy to help out 🙂

There’s still quite a pile of wood that another neighbour has cut down and has piled up for burning! I ‘rescued’ some yesterday, but there’s some much bigger bits that will need sawn up. spend the next hour shifting it to our back garden.

Having cracked the code to create ‘add to diary’ links and buttons I set about creating promo images and posts for the next livestream concert (27 April) – then I add it to events listings and set the social media cogs in motion.

It’s windy outside, but I’m keen to get Margaret used to flying and controlling the drone..no reason we can’t do it indoors where the tight space means we need to be careful and concentrate super hard – maybe a better way to learn!

While Margaret prepares dinner I put together another ‘section’ for the website promoting the livestream.