ONE of the benefits of doing this daily blog during this time of crisis is that it helps me remember what day it is!

Seriously, although I’m busier than ever (unfortunately not with anything that generates much-needed income), the weekdays and weekends have all merged into one. I think most folks are finding this the case.

I kick off the day looking at potential sources of income. Thanks to last week’s livestream and the generosity of folks we’re OK for food for the moment and I guess other things pale into insignificance. But bills need to be paid now – and in future – and having invested the last three or four months in booking tours and shows that are now cancelled or re-scheduled there is no doubt that financial hardship is looming.

While we wait to see what helps available for the self-employed – and from what we already know it seems there’s gonna be plenty cracks too fall through – there are a couple of places offering help for musicians. Fingers crossed.

Next job is my accounts. I made a start yesterday and plan to get all the outgoings and expenses finalised by the end of today.

Mid-afternoon I take a break and Margaret manages some drone flying practice before the rain comes. We need to shoot a video for May’s single release sooner rather than later…my original planned location would be pushing things a bit inn light of the current lockdown, so we look at options in/around the garden.

I go a walk and am annoyed to see someone fishing at the old pier, their car parked in the turning circle having obviously been driven past the road closed sign. He’s too far away to have any meaningful chat with, but I take some pix and put them on Facebook temporarily when I get home. The guy obviously thinks the lockdown rules don’t apply to him.

Margaret’s making a chicken and leek thing for dinner…it’s meant to be served with a bit of puff pastry but se don’t have any. I suggest making some…Margaret’s never made it before and doesn’t;t think it’s worth it now. I’m keen to give it a try and am pretty pleased with the results of this notoriously difficult stuff to make!