No messin’…

KEEN to strike some of the stuff off the to-dom list but it’s a nice day out there and there’s two or three big woodpiles needing sorted out.

First, though, I need to clear out one side of the woodshed so the stuff we chop can go at the back/bottom.

Under one of the tarpaulins is a load of wood that’s in manageable chunks and don’t need any more chopping or splitting. I spend the next hour transferring it into the shed.

Next job is to split some of the bigger bits of old wood that have been taking up space – we have Betty and Joe’s old electric wood splitter which makes short work of it all except two particularly stubborn bits which I put aside for future attention.

We set up a sawing station and we tackle some of the long bits of wood – I feed the wood along the sawing horse and Margaret wields the chainsaw.

The chainsaw needs oil – don’t think we ever put any in before (oops!)…Margaret finds some n the shed and we carry on until I notice the chain on the saw is a bit loose. rather than fart about trying to adjust it now, we decide to call it a day as we’re both starting to ache,

There’s a lot of tidying up to be done then we get to relax for a while before I hit the kitchen and make teriyaki chicken…we eat then watch a three-and-a-half hour film about punk and the New York scene in the 1970s.

The electric splitter is a godsend