A wee trailer for Stick to Your Guns…coming Friday 17 April 2020

THERE’S a c couple of merch orders in which I pack up then print out some online postage before taking them to the post box.

The online postage saves a bit of hassle, so long as the package can be squeezed in the post box – our local post office, for some reason, says it doesn’t accept this stuff. I think they’re full of shite but can’t be bothered arguing – just means they won’t /don’t get any of my other business which, at times, can be considerable. I’d rather drive into town than support a business with that attitude.

Anyway! The village is like a ghost town which is good in many respects but t does feel a bit weird. I enjoy the tranquility tho’.

Main job for today it to make a wee promo/trailer for Friday’s release of Stick to Your Guns. I grab some bits and bobs of footage to create a promo/making of piece and edit something up. See above or watch it on my YouTube channel.

Most of the work done we go for a wee walk before dinner and get a bit lost in the woods. There’s a lot of fallen trees, bust fences and plenty exploring to be done.