Nice day to shoot the video for May’s scheduled single…

AN unexpected nice day outside…so once all the routine stuff’s done I reshuffle the diary and to-do list so we can shoot some video.

While the new single – Stick to Your Guns –drops on Friday, there’s an other scheduled for release on Friday 15 May. And we need to get a video made.

I’d originally hoped to use a spot in the woods nearby but although there’s unlike;y to be anyone within a mile of us…and it’s close to the house…I kinda felt it was abusing the lockdown regulations. We set up to film beside the studio which is adjacent to the house.

We get a couple of run-throughs before lunch – some with a static camera and some moving drone shots. While having lunch I check the rushes – I’m not happy with the colour balance and exposure on the static camera shots so once we’ve eaten I re-set things accordingly. Only problem is, our neighbour has lit a fire to burn some garden rubbish and there’s smoke blowing everywhere. I give him s shout and he kindly offers to put out the fire and burn the stuff tomorrow. Good man! Margaret takes him some scones to thank him for his consideration.

The re-set camera delivers some much better base shots, then we move onto the drone…some performance and some cutaways. Despite not having had much practice, Margaret does a grand job and by 6pm it’s a wrap.

While Margaret prepares dinner I decide a time-lapse of darkness falling over the hill might be a good addition to the footage so set up outside and leave the camera and iPad to do their thing.

After dinner I edit up various formats of the video – and version with subtitles/lyrics – for this week’s release while Margaret watches Outlander, then we stream a live set form our pals 20 Watt Tombstone in Wisconsin. It’s after 2am when we go to bed.