THERE’S some more social media stuff to be done to follow up yesterday’s Stick to Your Guns release.

The sun’s splitting the sky and there’s quite a lot to be done outside. I give the grass its first cut of the year, then tackle the strimming. The strimming’s quite a job – once done –and the debris blown away – I get some weedkiller down.

I’m finished just as Margaret pulls a carrot cake out the oven so we enjoy a coffee and bit of cake in the sun.

With the majority of work round the release of Stick to Your Guns out the way I shift my focus to the next single which drops on Friday 15 May.

I start editing the video footage we shot during the week and line up the three main shots – wide, medium face and medium guitar – with each other and the music. This is probably the fiddliest bit of the edit but it’s looking pretty good so far. Tomorrow’s to-do list is topped with the task of the next stage in the video edit.

I go for a walk and accompany Margaret on her couch to 5k revisited – I extend my walk by a ten/fifteen minutes to finish listening to a podcast (maximising effectiveness of low-budget Facebook advertising!).

We found some pulled pork int he freezer wich is defrosting for tonight’s dinner. Meantime, I open a beer and do some more research on reducing advertising costs and maximising results using social media…