The patio slabs get a new lease of life 🙂

ANOTHER nice day outside.

I kick things off editing the video for May’s single. After an hour or two, tho’, my eyes are aching..dunno if it’s eye strain, hay fever or uveitis blowing up.

Margaret’s outside giving the garden swing a clean…when I go out, she’s started jet-washing the patio slabs. We’ve had an old jet-wash Mikey got in Aldi in the shed for a few years but never really used it. tis not that great, but better than the hose – and now the patios started, we gotta finish.

The job takes a good while but the slabs come up a treat and all the moss and crap that’s collected between the slabs is gone.once everything’s dried off I find a bag of sand behind the shed and we brush it between the slabs. Ace! An unplanned, but satisfying job done.

We have a family video get-together from the garden then I go indoors to wash the latest Smokehead TV outing live on Instagram. I’m scheduled to be part of it in a couple of weeks so wanna gets in the swing of things.

Next, a virtual ‘book club’ meeting with our local pals. Not anything to do with the book club really, it’s just that the folks that are in the group were all in our old book club!

Once done I get the Instant pot ready and prepare our mushroom risotto…