Arancini for lunch – my first attempt and using up last night’s leftover mushroom risotto – with homemade aioli…

BACK on the video editing first thing. My eyes feel a lot better, so hopefully yesterday’s discomfort was down to eye strain or something.

It’ another lovely day and I have some stuff to pack up for the mail…and some stuff to drop off at Betty and Joe’s so I enjoy a quick venture outside.

There’s some leftover mushroom risotto from last night – not enough for both of us for lunch in itself. I decide to try making arancini in the air fryer.And it works a treat..there’s no marinara sauce, so I make an aioli which complements it perfectly.

After eating outside we notice the big hole in the soffit. We ned to get the while lot replaced at the back (we had the front done last year) but meantime, with no cash, the best thing is to try and patch it up. I find a suitable piece of wood in the woodshed and Margaret paints it up. I’ll put it up later.

Meantime, I need to get a bacon-wrapped pork loin tin the smoker. it’s just a small one, so shouldn’t take more than three or four hours.

Back indoors I’m getting a bit OCD about this video edit…I started some techniques on the first few clips that I need to replicate through every shot. Takes time.

I have a live video interview with a video podcast in Wisconsin scheduled at 7pm. I consider the spot, get some lights from the studio and spend a good half hour or more preparing and running through the new single that’s to be performed as part of the show. With a few minutes to go I Skype the show host who tells me ‘sorry, something’s come up – can we re-schedule?’…! Needless to say I’m a bit pissed off but don’t want to start arguing, so I just say ;yes’ and tell him to email me later (by which time I’ll, hopefully, have cooled down).

I guess I make a rod for my own back…the request came from the show (so I’m the one helping them out, although it does benefit us both) and the format is a 15-minute chat and a live song via Skype. Now most folks probably just sit in front of their computer with no preparation or regard for lighting, sound quality etc. When I do these things I plan and set up carefully, putting in a fair bit of time and effort. Plus, I’m busy with a lot of stuff, so I ain’t sitting around waiting with my finger up my ass.

So when I go to that effort, plan half my day round it and then it’s cancelled/re-scheduled at no notice it boils my piss. And wastes an hour or more of my time.

Rant over.

I go out for a walk to clear my head then hit the kitchen on my return to make up some Alabama white sauce to go with the BBQ pork.

Dinner is late, but good…then I get another hour or two’s editing done…



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