I REALLY need to get some kind of Facebook ad to promote the upcoming livestream concert on 27 April.

There’s no budget, really, but I’ve been looking at ways of maximising micro budget ad spends of just a pound or two a day which follows my usual strategy of using video for ads to get higher engagement and traction. I grab some stuff and make a quick video to use as the basis.

Of course I spend a bit longer than I should on the video, but I’m pretty pleased with the result. Setting up the ad sets is fiddly and complex and takes a while.

We have lunch in the garden after which I finish my (temporary) repair of the rotten soffit at the back of the house.

I have a bunch of firmware updates to some of the recording stuff in the studio..so set that up and do a bunch of software updates while I’m at it…internet in the studio is poor, so I end up bringing hardware to the house to plug in and update. A bit of a fanny dance….wish Openreach would hurry up and sort our fibre which will, in turn, open up some possibilities for the studio.

I’d hoped to have time to go out for a walk, but the folks behind the NHS song project in Bournemouth need a photograph…they’re planning on creating a group shot of all involved from individual shots. I set up int he studio and do a bunch of green screen shots and fire them off.