I get set up for my video interview and session on the mid-West’s Ron Purtee Show

AFTER breakfast I nip out to the office and merch store to pack up some online mercy orders and print online postage…luckily it’s all stuff that I can cram in the post box, so no need to go to the post office in the village.

I take ‘the long route’ back from the post box then do some more promo for Monday’s Facebook livestream concert.

A music business insider email tips me off that Spotify has launched a feature that lets listeners/fans make donations to artists. I investigate and get things in place to make it happen. There’s an incentive to use Cash App as the payment processor rather than Paypal…Cash App has pledged to donate $100 to the first 10,000 artists using this who get a donation through the platform.

It takes a while for the setting to be processed so I take advantage of the good weather and head out for a walk.

When I get back the Spotify updates are in place. I’m sceptical about Cash App’s donation as I suspect the major record companies have known about this in advance and have cleaned out Cash App’s donation fund before any independent artists even got to hear about it. We’ll see. Margaret goes to my Spotify account and makes a donation to, hopefully, trigger Cash App’s donation. I’m not holding my breath.

At 7pm I’m doing a live video guest spot on The Ron Purtee Show which comes out the mid-West, USA. The show is done over Skype so I spend some time sorting an external microphone, lights and stuff to try and maximise the quality of my input. The show goes well with an interview and a couple of live songs.

I’m making red beans and rice for dinner which will use up the remains of the pork I smoked the other day. While it bubbles away I create a design for a signature capo which I’m hoping G7th Capos can produce…watch this space!