A Zoom video session for the Swansong Project…

A PHOTO client has been having problems uploading photos I took to a site they want them on. A video call reveals they are trying to upload them from my Dropbox link rather than downloading them to their own computer/drive first.

That looks like the problem. Once I point out the workflow and how Dropbox works sure enough, success 🙂

Mid-afternoon I have a Zoom video interview/session for the Swansong Project which helps terminally ill folks write songs and make the most of musical creativity.

I need to make up a set list for Monday’s livestream concert – and I want it to be a different set from last time – then, of course, I spend some time promoting the event.

Next job is a little more editing of the video for May’s new single then I get out for a walk before dinner.

Later on, a notification pops up on my phone – Cash App has deposited £80 in my account as a result of the Spotify initiative! I’m pleasantly surprised as I was very sceptical about the initiative. Grand 🙂