The NHS fundraiser song is now live! Watch the video above – and download the single via Bandcamp

There’s a few things to clear from my to-do list then I go outside in the sunshine for a coffee. It’s a beautiful sunny day…and really calm – which means I can maybe grab some drone footage of the village.

Usually I use the drone for specific video/photo and don’t go very far – today I venture a little further!

I have a midday Zoom video meeting then, after lunch I loge onto the Wide Days event…but a for internet connection leaves me frustrated and I move on to getting some other stuff done.

First, I marinade some beef for tonight’s Vietnamese beef the make up a set list for Monday’s livestream concert (8pm at – need to play a different set from last time!

Next, I finish the video edit for May’s single – Nine Pound Hammer – then set up a pre-save/pre-order and a landing page on my website.

We’ve a ‘virtual book club’ get-together via Zoom at 7pm – there’s time for a quick walk first!

After our Zoom aperitifs I make dinner and we relax and eat. We’re not long finished when the Bandcamp link and video for the NHS charity single I’ve been involved with go live. I host a couple of watch parties on Facebook and spread the word.