AFTER a bit of a long lie I get busy. E-newsletter day today..earlier than usual, but I need to push tomorrow (Monday) night’s livestream.

I get the eNewsletter written, designed and sent out – read it here – and do some work on rescheduling show and updating online listings.

In the studio I run through my set list for the livestream concert then we start the set up planning for the show. There seems to be more prep – and I get more nervous about these livestreams than I do regular shows!

After a family Zoom chat I watch Smokehead’s Instagram TV then head out for a long walk.

Having mothballed the local news webzine just over a year ago, I’ve decided to let the domain go and save myself the annual fee. I wanna try and archive the site, so need to get that in motion before the thing self-destructs!!

We have some leftover risotto which I heat up ready in time to sit down and watch our pal Bill’s now regular livestream from Florida…he plays a two-hour show every Sunday which we get at 9pm. I mirror the livestream on the telly and we have a front row seat. Much better than normal TV!