Nice view over the loch…the islands of the boundary fault line to the left and Ben Lomond peeking (or should that be peaking!) over to the right

MID-morning I have a Skype video guitar student. He’s based in Ireland and doing really well.

In the space of three or four weeks he’s got all the main chords down and onto playing his second song.

Some supplies form Smokehead arrive in time for my guest appearance on Smokehead TV – live on their Instagram at 5pm (UK time) on Sunday. There’s a Zoom meeting with Smokehead and their marketing agency folks to discuss the format fo the show and what cocktails brand ambassador Mikey and I will be making.

The rain seems to have cleared up so Margaret and I take a walk up Conic Hill…which keeps us (only just!) within our lockdown exercise time allocation of an hour, It’s windy up there. I do a couple fo livestreams just for the hell of it!

We’re home in. time for a virtual bookclub video chat and aperitifs then we have dinner, relax a while then a much-needed early night.