I make some pesto and fresh pasta with the wild garlic…

THERE’S some merch orders to be packed up and crammed in the postbox before the last uplift at midday.

I get ’em all packed and postage printed out and head to the postbox. on the way back I pick up my online order from the village shop – there’s a coupla things I need for tomorrow’s (Sunday – 5pm) live cocktail making on Smokehead’s Instagram page.

In the studio I set up for some photos that I can use to promote the Smokehead TV then make some graphics and a ‘smoky’ video to punt round my socials.

Once it’s all done and posted I go out for a walk and pick some wild garlic – there’s loads of leaves and buds, We’d decided on salmon and courgette pasta tonight to use up an old bit of salmon fillet we found nestling at the back of the freezer…we’d even gone as far as agreeing I should smoke it as it gives much more flavour through the pasta that way.

When I get back I take things a stage further and make a some pasta dough with the wild garlic…then some wild garlic pesto. Of course this is all a time – and beer – intensive process and it’s after 10pm by the time dinner’s ready. A complete experiment, the result is amazing. I’m pleased.