WE spend most of the morning repairing for the Smokehead TV episode which will be live on their Instagram at 5pm.

There’s a test ‘broadcast’ which goes reasonably well other than both our broadband networks seem to be playing funny buggers. Meantime, we gather ingredients for the three cocktails that Smokehead brand ambassador Mikey Sim and I will be making – one of them is the “This ain’t no Arcari blues” – 50ml Smokehead, 3 bar spoons orange liquor (Cointreau/Triple Sec etc), 2 bar spoons lemon juice, 2 dash bitters, fill glass with ice and top with ginger beer. A bar spoon is pretty much the same amount as a teaspoon.

By 5pm all the guitars are tuned up and at hand, the stage is set and Mikey brings me onto the live broadcast.

The first half hour goes great – all as planned – but then the internet throws a wobbler and I spend the next 10/15 minutes trying to get back without much success. Ah well, the ghosts in the machine win again.

I video all the audio segments from the show – Stick to Your Guns, Whisky in my Blood and a couple of ‘iintro riffs’ to well-known songs and send them of to Smokehead’s agency so they can maybe follow up with some more content to make up for the stuff that got missed.

Once we’re tidied up there’s time for a wee walk before dinner…some telly, then bed.