I HAVE a couple of PRS Members’ Fund visits overdue – but the lockdown means’s not viable, especially as the grant holders are extremely vulnerable even at the best if times.

With that in mind, I’ve been asked to do some ‘telephone’ visits. I manage to get hold of one of t grant holders and have a chat and leave a voicemail for the other.

I’m keen to plan another livestream concert but dolt want to make them too frequent…and I wanna try something different. I decide to put some ideas in place for something on Monday 1 June based around ‘The roots of Dave Arcari’….Dylan, Cash and more – all covers that I used to play on the street and before I got into blues. No slide guitar! Hopefully I;ll have the idea fully developed and be able to announce it to a wider audience later int eh week.

A pal in Switzerland has been badgering me to record a version of R L Burnside’s Jumper on the Line. It’s a very simple sounding hill country-style riff/rhythm, but it’s hard to get the hypnotic, relentless feel down. I do some work on that and we’ll see if I can get my fingers – and voice – round it.

As usual, I lose track of time and suddenly the day’s over! Still time to go for a walk tho’…then dinner and an early night.