I announce the next livestream – info here (or click the picture!)

I’VE been considering when and what from my next livestream concert should be.

So many folks are live-streaming weekly, or even daily, which I kinda feel is too often. Certainly would be for me…although I do frequent ‘hello’ livestream updates I reckon the ‘concerts’ should be about once a month.

I also want to try and give folks something different. Something they’ll be unlikely to see/hear me play on stage. With that in mind I thought I’d do a concert of covers from artists that influenced me when I started out playing guitar. Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Donovan, Neil Young, 50s rock’n’roll….

One of my favourite Dylan albums is Nashville Skyline, not easy because of a duet with Johnny Cash, Girl From the North Country. I decide the graphic/I,mages should be a play on that album cover so we set about taking a similar photo.

Once the pic is in the bag, I start editing and creating lookalike artwork for a Facebook event banner and the social media posts, set up a Facebook event and create ‘add to calendar’ buttons and start getting the livestream listed on the main online platforms.

During this hive of activity a little feral cat we refer to as ‘whiteout’ that’s been around for a year or two but runs at the sight of a human appears by the patio door. It seems to have been getting a little braver recently and there also seems to be a kinda love/hate relationship with Dog (aka Shitfur)…I manage, at last to get a pic of him/her. Think I’ll start calling it ‘dirty foot’ as what looked like white paws form a distance are pretty manky looking!

It all adds up to a whole;e day of unplanned work but I’m pleased with the result.

There’s time for a walk, then asparagus risotto for dinner making use of the rest of the wild garlic I collected on Saturday.

Dirtyfoot getting braver….