A quick Facebook livestream update to see if I can make chroma key work on livestream…

FUNNY how a livestream concert can create so much preparation and work!

Although I announced it yesterday and created the majority of images, there’s no point in any social media posting until I have a feature on my website to link to. I sit out side in the sunshine and spend a couple of hours pulling together a section on my landing page that works on desktop, mobile and tablet. it’s frustrating as there’s always some level of compromise in the design no matter how much tweaking goes on.

A brief walk to drop some stuff off in Betty and joe’s garden and I’m amazed at the number of cars parked on double yellow lines, pavement and over yellow tape in the village. Yes, it’s a beautiful day, but folks are meant to stay at fucking home and only go out for essentials…that doesn’t include a 45-minute or more drive to a (hopefully) virus-free village and flouting all the lockdown guidelines and ignore parking regulations. I’m talking to a neighbour from the other side of the road when the police arrive and start dealing with the problem. They can’t be everywhere and they’re doing a good job overall.

I ordered a budget backdrop stand and green background material for some portable chromakey for Zoom meetings, livestreams etc which is delivered mid-afternoon. It was a real bargain and I shouldn’t really have been surprised that it’s pretty crappy cheap-jack stuff. You get what you pay for. Still, I think it’ll do the job,

Back on the June 1 livestream I make up a potential setlist – a bunch of covers that I use to play when I started out on guitar and went busking. It’s been a long time, so I’m gonna have to spend a fair amount of time getting up to speed!

When Margaret goes out on her couch to 5k run I go for a walk for ½-hour. Not as long as I’d hoped, but better than no walk at all!

Back home I do a quick Facebook livestream update which doubles as an experiment to see if I can get chromakey/green screen to work on a livestream, You can see the result above – not perfect, but not bad and worth pursuing.