The new, improved cover image for my Facebook page and profile…info in the upcoming release here

I DECIDE to make a new Facebook cover image for both my page and profile…something a wee bit more interesting.

There’s some promotion to do for tomorrow (Friday) night’s set as part of The Lock-In raising cash for the NHS..and also next Saturday’s Virtual Blankfest doing same for the homeless in Racine, Wisconsin.

Next I make up a set list for the roots of Dave Arcari livestream on 1 June and pull together lyric for them all. I haven;t played/sung most of the songs for more than 30 years, so I’ll need to refresh my memory. I’ve got a few extra surprises to co-incide with the livestream, so there’s plenty work to be done.

I finally have time to hit the studio but I’m only there ten minutes when Maragret buzzes me over to say there a PRS grant holder on the line. I’ve been trying to get hold of him for the last week…we chat for over an hour..then I decide I need some fresh air and go for a wander up the lochside where I do an impromptu livestream.