THERE’S a fair amount of tidying up needing done after last night’s ‘production’ – I make a start while Margaret gets breakfast on the go.

Once we’re done, I hit the studio. I’ve started using a different DAW (digital audio workstation) – the Mac in the studio is now 11 years old and getting cranky. And I’m about five versions of ProTools behind the current release. When I bought my ‘new’ laptop (over a year ago now!) my idea was that I would use it in the house, office and studio and have no need for extra computers…each ‘location would have a dock, SSD storage, accessories etc.

This all works fine in the house and in the office…but in the studio things have not been straightforward, not least because there isn’t a reliable way to connect my old Digi003+ interface to the new laptop. It’s basically near obsolete 🙁 It’ll be of service until the old studio Mac gives uptimes he ghost but after that…? Well, we’ll see.

Being unable to update ProTools because the Mac is too old and this inability of hardware to interface with the new Mac I sourced a Universal Audio Apollo Twin X – a nice audio interface, albeit one with only two inputs. It’s all about quality, not quantity…and I can expand it in the future if necessary. Around the same time, Universal Audio released free DAW software called Luna with works very nicely with the Apollo interface.

This was all earlier in the year, before the current crisis and lockdown but bizarrely I haven’t had time to get into the studio and get all this stuff sorted out. Today I want to do a few test recordings and get my head round all this. Before I start, though, there’s another thing to sort out. Sometime last year I had the laptop in the studio and hooked it up to the old studio iMac which acted as a nice 27-inch display.`for some reason, though, I can’t get it to work today…I waste an hour or more replacing cables, re-booting and all sort of things all to no avail.

I give up and start recording! It’s nice to have finally got time to start pulling all this together. I record a song then go back to the house to prepare a big pot of pork, chorizo and cannelini bean casserole. It needs to bubble away for a few hours.

Back in the studio I record another song then go out for a walk in the woods.

When I get back the casserole is ready so I switch it off and nip back tot he studio to mes around until it’s time to eat…