The studio’s a bit of a mess while I try and re-arrange stuff!

WE have a bit of lie in then I take a walk along to Betty and Joe’s to drop off some stuff in their garden.

When I get back I go into the studio and start running through a few songs for a wee surprise project I’m working on. The recording gives me a chance to try and re-shuffle the gear in the studio – don’t wanna finalise the re-arrangements until I’m happy with the ergonomics! While I have a fully wired ‘live room’ adjacent to the control room, more and more I’ve found my selfrecording in the control room.

Partly because it’s a pain running between the two when I’m recording on. my own…and party because the live room is all set up with lights and stuff for photo/video.

I get some recording done before we have a sandwich in the Arden then I cut the grass.

Back in the studio I;m quite pleased with progress…but I need to get my shiot together if I’m gonna make this project idea work out.

I take a break to watch this week’s Smokehead TV on their Instagram page then go back into eh studio, make a mix, drop it onto my phone and go a walk and give it a critical listen.

I’m home in time for a video chat with the kids then a I venture back into the studio to lay another song down before dinner.

Our pal Bill’s weekly livestream from Florida is at 9pm and diners ready right on cue…