IT’S straight into the studio after breakfast…four songs needing recorded in double quick time for the ‘project’.

I re-record one of the songs from yesterday that wasn’t up to scratch and then get on with the others and have two in the bag before lunch,

We sit in the garden and eat then it’s back to the studio to try and get the rest done. It’s after 6pm when I gets home test mixes done and take them to the house to listen on a ‘domestic’ system. It’s well after 6pm by this time. I stick the songs on my phone and go fort a walk up the lochside to give them a good listen. I’m pretty happy with the way they’re sounding via earbuds – which is likely the way most folks will listen.

Margaret comes out to meet me and we say a socially distanced hello to Betty and Joe. When we get home I make seitan in black bean sauce and we watch a couple of episodes of Succession via a trial Hulu account accessed via a VPN and streamed to the telly…