MAIN job today is finalising the mixes for the project I’m working on and get them mastered.

I’ve been using an online service called Landr – there’s no way an automated AI mastering process can be as good as a real person, but it does a pretty good job. A normal listener probably couldn’t tell the difference – plus, it’s fast (almost immediate) and much cheaper.

I normally pay Landr ‘per song’, but I’ve a few at on e this time, so it’s cheaper to open a ‘pro’ account, pay for the first month then cancel future payments. That means I have a few weeks of unlimited mastering. Just as well, as the one of the mixes I sent is missing the intro!!!

I re-send then it’s time to go and help Keiran at Betty and Joe’s – he’s putting in a. big concrete plinth and new wood burner. We manage the task and comply with social distancing!

Back home, the masters are all sorted and I start uploading to my digital aggregator then go out for a walk. I listen to the mastered mixes and am quite pleased with the results.