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I CLEAR the decks of routine stuff in time for a Zoom meeting with my colleagues on the Musicians’ Union Live Performance Section committee.

Normally we meet in person in London, but covid-19 has put paid to that. The Zoom meeting works really well, and although there is a definite value in face-to-face meeting, this is a time and cost-saving way to do things.

We’re finished in time for lunch.

My Devil’s Left Hand signature capo from G7th is now available so I spend the next wee while sorting images and getting them in my online store. It’s a bit of a faff with shipping zones etc, but eventually I get there then spread the word around social media. Check it out here!

The days nearly done but there’s time for a walk before the sunshine disappears then I collect some fish and chips from our local restaurant which is doing online ordering a couple fo times a week. It’s expensive, but a real treat 🙂