Out now on all services (including Apple Music and iTunes!) – click here or the pic to stream/download/listen/watch via the service of your choice…

NEW single release day…and I have a mother of a hangover! I did some of the updates at 2am this morning, but there’s still a load of stuff to do…but, for some reason, Nine Pound Hammer is not showing on Apple Music or iTunes. It’s on every other platform.

I email my digital aggregator to see if they know what’s happened then set up for a Skype guitar lesson with my student from Ireland. We’ve brought the time forward as we want to virtually ‘attend’ my cousin’s funeral.

The Skype lesson goes well. my student is making really good progress. Then watch the funeral streamed online…it;s a very nice humanist ceremony…so much so that Margaret and I both agree that’s the kind of funeral we’d both go for. Sad we can;t be there to support my second cousin Sharon and her family, but technology helps out a bit.

There’s so much online promotion to be done for Nine Pound Hammer my heads in a spin. Next job is running a video premier for the song on Facebook which gets a good audience.

In between times there’s a glitch in the fulfilment agreement for the my Devils’ Left Hand signature capo so there’s a few phone calls and subsequent changes to the ordering and delivery system.

It wouldn’t be a single release day without a Facebook livestream featuring the new song and couple of others. Also, after a bit of panic, Nine Pound Hammer finally appears on Apple Music and iTunes!

Next we have a ‘bookclub’ video chat with some of our local pals then I embark on this evening’s black pepper tofu…