A wee video introducing the Dave Arcari signature capo from G7th capos…

MAIN job today is to create a video and some photos to start promoting my signature capo from G7th capos.

As soon as the decks are cleared of routine stuff I take some stuff along to drop off (in the garden!) at Betty and Joe’s then hit the studio.

As usual, the place is a mess and it takes me an hour to tidy up and re-set the place to shoot a video. I get some rushes in the bag then go back to the house for some lunch.

I put some rub on a batch of chicken thighs last night so tis time to get the smoker fired up – we’ll have some with salad for dinner tonight and I’ll freeze the rest for future use in jambalaya. Back indoors I make some Alabama white BBQ sauce to go with the chicken.

I spend a wee while editing the rushes into something presentable then, while the finished video is ‘transcoding’, I go out for a walk up the lochside.

Margaret goes out for her couch to 5k run and is home before me…she calls to say the chicken has reached temperature. I talk her through what to do next and am back home 15/20 minutes later.